Traditional craftsmanship is our philosophy. Our apprentices start out their training by using only original tools such as hand saws, planes, broaches etc. By doing so we always can guarantee first-class woodwork on site.


Construction, mensuration and intonation always have to be customized – they interdepend with the instrument and the location, especially the acoustic circumstances on place.


Restorations are executed true to the original style in materials and method of production, emphasizing the instrument’s original conception and uniqueness. An extensive documentation of every step is self-evidently.


Our new instruments are made solely out of european massive wood, leather, felt, iron and brass. The metal pipes consist of fitted tin-leaden alloys.


You won’t find any particle boards, plywood or auxiliary materials like wexaflex-tubes inside our organs. We handselect materials that have proven their durabilty throughout centuries, especially considering construction-related, acoustic and aesthetical matters – the registering of german organ building as UNESCO cultural heritage didn’t happen arbitrarily.


All instruments leaving our workshop will satisfy the highest requirements in conception, workmanship and tonal design.

By the way: Intonation is a matter for the boss.