We take instrument maintenance seriously. This means tuning when necessary, not obstinately according to schedule. Correct pipe handling requires the ability of gentle accommodation and careful processing depending on the used alloy.


A well voiced organ, which may also be located in a climatically favourable room, certainly requires less tuning than other instruments. This means material protection and therefore an even longer life expectancy.


When we have built, rebuilt, restored or overhauled an organ, we wait a year to see how the instrument develops “vocally”. After this time, intonation and tuning are corrected, the mechanics are checked and, if necessary, readjusted. Only now can it be determined how much care the organ needs.

Each instrument is unique and requires individual care.

Organ care is a matter of trust! We do not want to burden your instrument unnecessarily with too many tunings – we want you to enjoy your organ for a long time!